GARDEN YOUR PLANET® is a concept message with which Francine Isaacs aims to encourage others to grow food in their own gardens/growing spaces. By doing so it is hoped that more individuals will become both healthier and better connected to the natural world.

GARDEN YOUR PLANET® fosters recognition and comparison of the dynamics and ever changing rhythms of the garden and the characteristics of a living cell; with inputs and outputs, energy cycling and connection to internal and external elements.

Each and every garden functions like a unique cell and part of the surface of a much larger organism: Earth.

GARDEN YOUR PLANET® supports creative and positive action; empowering individuals to respond to wider issues: climate change; food security; biodiversity and a need for direct contact with the environment.

Francine Isaacs welcomes expressions of interest to work in partnership with GARDEN YOUR PLANET®.

Feel the connection
See the beauty
Be inspired

Know it
Grow it